Vinyl brim snapback hat recycled clothing AUSTRA
Snapback caps vinyl plate brims AUSTRA
Snapback hats vinyl brim AUSTRA
Vinyl plate brimmed snapback cap recycled clothing AUSTRA
Snapback cap vinyl brim AUSTRA
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Snapback hat with vinyl plate brim

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Recycled collection
Only 1 percent of all materials people consume is still in use after six months while the rest is trashed. Scratched plates is a series of hats with a brim made of old vinyl records to reuse, redesign and create a product that reminds to look at things twice before throwing them away.

Materials used:
Brim: Double vinyl plate (Record productions “Мелодия” USSR)
Fabric: Red organic cotton with silkscreen print
Other: Genuine leather and brass.

Please note that vinyl starts warping due to high heat at a temperature of 140°F (60°C) and brim might change the shape. Don't leave in the hat in car when the temperature is already high outside.

Adjustable strap girth : 55-61cm/21.7''-24 in

Handmade in Latvia, EU.


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Please note:
In case the hat does not fit, the customer can return the hat in 14 days time and get a refund. In the case, the customer has submitted a wrong address or has not taken out the order. Withhold from the refund will be 20 USD. Please, kindly double check your address details - make sure full address is stated (apartment/house number included). The international delivery takes 10 business days.